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NL-Mercy-Women-s-Health-2019.jpgAt Northern Light Mercy Women’s Health, our providers strive to find the best ways to improve the health of women in Maine throughout their lives. All of our providers are women, delivering a blend of clinical excellence, compassionate care, and a distinct female and family approach. We know women’s health needs, and we’re here for you. Whether it’s routine gynecological care, family planning, or because you’re expecting, generations of women have come to rely on Mercy.

When it’s time to deliver, The Birthplace at Mercy Hospital is bright and modern with all private rooms. Your comfort, and your family’s, is part of how we provide the most positive and medically advanced birth experience possible. We also have a comprehensive childbirth education program to help expecting and new parents make the most of this important time in their lives.

Our breast care and women’s imaging center is located just one floor down from our women's health practice should you need a mammogram or a consultation with one of our breast surgeons. We also have pediatric care in the same building as well as in two other area locations, so we’re always close to you when you need it.

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Northern Light Health now offers online scheduling for screening mammograms*

*Important: Screening mammograms are suitable for regular check-ups, when you have no visible or recognizable symptoms such as, a lump, pain, swelling, discharge, or changes in the size of your breast.

Screening mammograms are not the same test as a diagnostic mammogram. If you have been told that you need a diagnostic mammogram, have a history of breast cancer, or have breast implants, please speak with your primary care provider before scheduling your test to ensure you get the test that meets your needs.

Online Scheduling for Screening Mammogram

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