Orthopedic Excellence

How is orthopedics at Northern Light Mercy Hospital nationally recognized?

The orthopedic program at Northern Light Mercy Hospital is one of the largest and highest performing in Maine. Our work to achieve the very best patient outcomes and experience have earned us a number of national recognitions.

  • The Joint Commission: Northern Light Mercy Hospital has been accredited and certified for hip, knee, and spine surgery since 2012 with the Gold Seal of Approval for high quality care.

  • U.S. News and World Report: “High Performing: Hip and Knee Replacement"

  • Healthgrades: “Outstanding Patient Experience Award” and “Patient Safety Excellence Award”

  • Newsweek: “Best U.S. Hospital” list

  • Blue Distinction Center+ for Hip & Knee Replacement: Blue Distinction Center designations go to hospitals recognized by Blue Cross Blue Shield for demonstrating safe, cost-effective, and efficient care.

  • Center of Excellence for Hip & Knee Replacement: Northern Light Mercy Hospital was named a center of excellence by Carrum Health for its outstanding patient-centered care as well as its clinical standards and outcomes.

Orthopedic Surgery Outcomes Northern Light Mercy Hospital National Benchmark
Complications from hip and knee surgery 2.2% 2.4%
Orthopedic readmissions 1.98% 4%
Orthopedic surgical site infection 1.32% 2-4%
Knee replacement surgical site infection 0.14% 0.85%
Hip replacement surgical site infection 0.5% 0.91%
Average length of stay (all joint replacements) 1.25 days 1.94 days
Re-admit rate within 30 days 1.86% 2.40%
Orthopedic patients who would recommend the hospital 96% 72%