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rehabilitation-587505172-(1).jpgWe can’t control life's mishaps and unexpected health complications, but we can work to fix them. Having an experienced, compassionate team of rehab professionals on your side can make your road to recovery a smoother one.

Healthier Starts Here

Northern Light Health provides an array of both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. Our experienced physiatrists and rehab doctors are dedicated to providing you the very best path to a healthier you.

Acute inpatient rehabilitation is for patients who have experienced a traumatic injury, debilitating disease or who are recovering from certain types of surgery.

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Cardiac rehabilitation follows a heart attack or heart surgery and is typically a 12-week program with exercise sessions that are monitored at our facilities.

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Our occupational therapists assess you condition and design a treatment plan aimed at helping you recover certain day-to-day, and often work-related skills, usually lost through injury.

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At Northern Light Health, we strive to help our patients achieve as much freedom as possible during their recovery from illness.

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Physiatrists specialize in non-surgical physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) for patients who have been disabled as a result of a disease, condition, disorder, or injury.

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Physical-Therapy-452415129.jpgWe’re here to help you gain greater independence through personalized care,

At Northern Light Health, our physical therapists are here to guide you on your road to recovery. We want to make sure that people enjoy greater independence and the best possible quality of life. 

Focusing on you

We focus primarily on balance, strength, mobility, and coordination to restore movement and relieve pain.

Whether you’ve had a traumatic injury, sports injury, orthopedic surgery, or suffer from degenerative conditions such as arthritis, we can help you return to your normal, more active lifestyle through a personal plan that’s customized to your specific needs.  

Expert care personalized for you

Our physical therapy team gives you the best inpatient care, outpatient care, and occupational therapy. We help identify your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations to establish a treatment plan based on your individual needs. Additionally, you’ll learn about your condition, management tools, and prevention techniques.

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Speech therapy is a type of therapy provided by a speech-language pathologist (SLP) to help a person to produce specific speech sounds.

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Vestibular rehabilitation is aimed at helping people recover their sense of balance after an illness or trauma affecting the vestibular (inner ear), visual, or neurological systems.

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Northern Light Rehabilitation
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1049 Main Street, Kittredge Building, Mount Desert, ME, 4660
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Northern Light Rehabilitation
141 Leighton Street, Pittsfield, ME, 04967
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Northern Light Rehabilitation
140 Academy Street, Northern Light AR Gould Hospital, #1, Presque Isle, ME, 04769
Presque Isle 207-768-4735
Northern Light Acute Rehabilitation
140 Academy Street, Northern Light AR Gould Hospital, Presque Isle, ME, 04769-3102
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Northern Light Rehabilitation
22 Haley Court, Northern Light Health Center, Sangerville, ME, 04479-3000
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Northern Light Rehabilitation
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