Physical Therapy

Physical-Therapy-452415129.jpgWe’re here to help you gain greater independence through personalized care.

At Northern Light Health, our physical therapists are here to guide you on your road to recovery. We want to make sure that people enjoy greater independence and the best possible quality of life. 

Focusing on you

We focus primarily on balance, strength, mobility, and coordination to restore movement and relieve pain.

Whether you’ve had a traumatic injury, sports injury, orthopedic surgery, or suffer from degenerative conditions such as arthritis, we can help you return to your normal, more active lifestyle through a personal plan that’s customized to your specific needs.  

Expert care personalized for you

Our physical therapy team gives you the best inpatient care, outpatient care, and occupational therapy. We help identify your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations to establish a treatment plan based on your individual needs. Additionally, you’ll learn about your condition, management tools, and prevention techniques.