Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you attend births?

We attend births at the Birthplace at Northern Light Mercy Hospital. Mercy developed the Birthplace in 1984 as a maternity unit where women labor, give birth and recover all in the same room. At the Birthplace you will receive one-on-one nursing care while you are in labor. The Birthplace nurses believe wholeheartedly in the birth process and will provide you with a great deal of support and encouragement throughout your stay.

If you are interested in having your baby at a different hospital, at a birth center, or at home, we will be happy to give you referrals for alternate care providers.

What kind of testing do you offer?

We offer all the same genetic testing, routine screenings and monitoring that is the standard of care for prenatal care and birth. We will discuss the current recommendations for testing that best suit your family’s needs and desires individually. Ultrasounds results are reported directly to us. Here is more specific information on the different prenatal screenings.

What kind of pain relief options do you offer?

We offer many methods of non-pharmacologic pain management including such methods as: massage, visual imagery, shower, birth ball, jacuzzi, and position changes. If you desire medication, we have all the same options that are available to any patient at the Birthplace at Northern Light Mercy Hospital.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept most insurance, including MaineCare. Our practice manager is available to assist you with any insurance and billing questions. How will I know who will be at my birth? You won’t, until one of us answers the phone when you are in labor. We hope that it can be our mutual goal for you to get to know and feel comfortable with all our midwives, so that whomever is on the end of the line when you call is a familiar voice for you. If towards the end of your pregnancy you feel that you would like to spend more time with one of us, we will happily accommodate you.

What happens if there is an emergency?

We have obstetricians available to us 24/7 if we should need them rapidly during your labor, birth, or postpartum period. Most of our patients never need our collaborative physicians from Northern Light Mercy Women’s Health, but we are fortunate to have them available to us when necessary.