What treatments does Northern Light Mercy Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine provide?

  • Advanced wound dressing and compression therapy

  • Bio-engineered tissue grafting

  • Debridement

  • Edema management

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

  • Infection management

  • Negative pressure wound therapy

  • Non-invasive vascular assessment

  • Nutritional support Ostomy management

  • Total contact casting

  • Radionecrosis

What kind of wounds do you provide treatment for?

We provide the most comprehensive treatment for acute and chronic wounds of every type, including:

  • Diabetic

  • Neuropathic or venous stasis ulcers

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Peristomal skin irritation

  • Post-Operative Wounds

  • Chronic wounds caused by circulatory or other problems

  • Minor burns

  • Trauma