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Kari G., RN

Kari is a respected nurse who was nominated by a patient’s mother who said, “If it wasn’t for Kari’s patience, sweet and caring voice, it more than likely would’ve been a different path for us. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘you only have one first chance to make one first impression that lasts a lifetime.’ Thank you for such an amazing experience...

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Jennifer M., BSN, RN, OCN

Jennifer is a compassionate nurse was nominated by a patient who says, “From day one she has been a beacon of hope in my health. When things are good, she was there, and when things were not, she was there. She shared information, resources, clarifications, as well as her care in my visits. Always available to help, to answer questions, to point me and my wife in the right...

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Michelle T., RN

Michelle is a dedicated nurse who was nominated for this award by a thankful family member of a patient who said, “Michelle was so personable and caring while clearly explaining all processes and answering our questions patiently. She showed empathy and cares genuinely. She must have been born a nurse.”

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