The DAISY Award Recipients!

Recent DAISY Award Recipients

Lucy Bartlett, RN

Lucy was nominated by a patient who said, “Lucy was very positive, knowledgeable, and kind. I could tell she cared for her patients and anyone she saw. She was cheery, and I know the entire floor felt her aura. Her kind heart shined through as I walked in the hallway, she is one you will never forget.”

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Elizabeth Boudreau, RN

Beth was nominated by a colleague who said, “Beth works diligently with patients, families, nursing, and providers to ensure she is setting her patients up with the safest discharge plan. She is a strong nurse and team member and leads by example and lends her expertise when needed. She has a kind voice and a calm demeanor which is especially important during difficult conversations such...

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Kat Danforth, RN

Kat was nominated for this award by a thankful patient who said, “After finishing surgery and coming out of sedation, Kat was there and helped me along. When it became evident something was not right, she swiftly contacted the doctor while she remained at my side and tried to relieve my discomfort and growing concern. I was in awe of how dedicated she was to help me though the event; as...

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