Cassidy G., RN

We're excited to celebrate Cassidy G., RN, Inpatient Pediatrics, our newest DAISY Award honoree!
Cassidy has shown an exceptional blend of skill and sensitivity, particularly in her work with a young patient with autism. Recognizing her patient's sensory issues, she consistently found ways to provide comfort. She engaged the patient gently and issued soft warnings before any touch, showing her natural ability to bring comfort even when procedures like taking vital signs might seem uncomfortable. 
Cassidy doesn't limit her compassion and attentiveness to her young patients; she extends it to their families as well. Whether it's cracking jokes to lighten the mood or asking if the family needs anything, Cassidy demonstrates an all-encompassing approach to care that's both personable and professional. She truly understands the unique dynamics and needs of each family, making her a crucial part of the care team.
Cassidy's commitment to patient-centered care is remarkable. Her approach to tailored care showcases her dedication to her patients, as does her active engagement with families, always ensuring their needs are met without a second thought.
In Cassidy's world, the phrases "above and beyond" and "part of the job" are interchangeable, but we all know that her level of dedication and compassion stands out as extraordinary. Kudos to you, Cassidy, for this incredibly well-deserved recognition! Your work ethic and heartfelt compassion serve as a guiding light for us all.