Financial Considerations

Prior to your admission, or as early as possible during your stay with us, we recommend that you or a responsible family member make the necessary arrangements with Patient Account Services for the payment of your bill. Such action relieves you and your family of worry and makes discharge day go more smoothly. To help make the process as easy as possible, Patient Account Services provides online information and assistance at

Medical insurance can be complicated and confusing. Registration will help with questions concerning your hospital charges and insurance coverage. In addition, patient account representatives are available to help individuals who are not covered by insurance and those who are responsible to pay for deductibles, co-insurance, and non-covered services. They can help determine what sources of financial assistance may be available to you if you cannot afford to pay your bill, you can reach Patient Account Services at 973-5000.

About Your Bill
Your daily service rate includes charges for general nursing care, meals, routine supplies, standard bedside equipment, and salaries for the numerous people who serve your needs. Separate charges will appear on your itemized account for special services ordered by your physician, such as laboratory tests, x-rays, medications, medical/surgical supplies (dressings, etc.), operating room, anesthesia, recovery room, respiratory therapy, and cardiac procedures.

Personal services, such as newspaper delivery, barber, or beautician, will not appear on your bill as payment for these services is expected at the time of delivery.

Your personal physician and other consulting physicians (anesthesiologists, pathologists, radiologists, etc.) will bill you separately.

If you have no health benefits, you will receive a summary of the charges incurred during your stay. If you are covered by health insurance (Medicare, Blue Cross, etc.), you will receive a summary bill for any charges not covered by insurance. In addition to statements from Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, you may receive statements or bills from other providers or specialists. To request a fully itemized bill, please call Patient Account Services at 973-5000.

Patients who meet certain income guidelines may qualify for financial assistance. The guidelines are included in your admission packet. Please contact Patient Account Services at 973-5000 if you think you may be eligible.

All balances for insurance deductibles and co-insurance are due no later than the time of discharge. We appreciate your swift attention to any uninsured portion of your bill. This helps us continue to maintain the finest possible healthcare for all. For your convenience, your hospital bills may be paid online with a credit card by accessing