During Your Stay

When you arrive at your room, you will be introduced to a nurse who will tell you what to expect and what you will need to do to prepare for your care. We also want to know what your expectations are of us, and we will ask you daily what your priorities are for your care so we can be sure to meet your needs. You are likely to receive a visit from the nurse manager on your unit. The nurse manager will be interested in your care experience at EMMC, who we might thank for you, and what we might do better to meet your needs.

A team of skilled healthcare professionals—doctors, nurses, technologists, and therapists—is responsible for your care around the clock. While you may meet only a few of these individuals, others work behind the scenes to provide healthcare services for you. All EMMC employees wear photo ID badges, so you'll know who they are and which department they represent.

In Room Communication 
Each room is equipped with a telephone. Operating instructions are affixed to each phone, with more detailed instructions in your bedside stand. Your family and friends may phone you directly by dialing 973-5 plus your room number. To avoid disturbing our patients, incoming calls are not put through after 10 pm (Emergency calls may be relayed through the nursing station. Simply have the caller dial the main number, 973-7000, and ask for the nursing station on your floor.) Inpatient areas also have access to a guest wireless system accessible with a lap top. Rooms are not equipped with PC's for patient use at this time.

If you're able to get up and around, you may want a change of scenery from time to time. Many floors have lounge areas where patients can enjoy a different view or visit with family and friends. Ask your nurse if there's a lounge on your floor or nearby.

Notary Public
A notary public is available through the Medical Records Department at 973.7873, Monday through Friday, between 8 am and 4 pm.