Culture of Excellence

Our customers expect high performance.
  • They expect us to work with employees to make our employment environment as supportive, healthy, and positive as it can be.
  • They expect us to provide the highest quality, safest patient care possible.
  • They expect us to provide care with outstanding service that meets and exceeds their expectations.
  • They expect us to grow to meet the changing healthcare needs of our region.
  • They expect us to be responsible stewards of healthcare dollars and to be reliably there when they need us.
  • And our communities expect us to contribute to the health education, support, and improvement efforts of our citizen neighbors.
In order to be sure we meet our obligations for high performance in all these areas, we organize our goals and efforts under six pillars of excellence: people, service, quality, finance, growth, and community. And we set the bar high. When Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center meets our high performance goals under all six of our pillars, we are achieving our goal of having a Culture of Excellence. And we are doing our part to help our system, Northern Light Health, become the best rural healthcare system in the nation.