Vendor Relations

At Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center we work with hundreds and hundreds of vendors regularly, and as you might imagine we've had to find ways to standardize our process for vendor relations. It is important that we maintain very strict compliance with a variety of government regulations and ethical standards. As a large purchaser, it is essential that we treat all potential vendors fairly and with the same consideration. We also strongly feel that we need to keep our staff attention focused on the delivery of care as much as we possibly can. Clearly, methods of contact with the medical center for the purpose of selling a product must be clearly defined in order to accomplish that goal.

For those reasons, we have developed policy for our interaction with all vendors. By following the procedures we have put in place, the process of product purchasing can go more smoothly from demonstration all the way through to payment. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our procedures for sales representatives at the medical center. If you have any questions, please contact Travis York, director of Materials Management at 207.973.7246.

Link to Vendormate