Why Choose Us

Safe, high quality care
Most hospitals can say they are working hard to meet nationally accepted quality benchmarks. What few other hospital can say is that they are the winner of the Davies Organizational Award (from the Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society) for using of information technology to enhance patient care quality and safety. Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center was the single recipient in the nation of this prestigious award for 2008, joining only few other hospitals nationwide that have ever been given this honor.

In addition, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center has committed to 100% compliance with national quality benchmarks, an achievement that no US hospital has yet earned. And while we’re not there yet, we are among the top ten percent of hospitals across the country in most measures, and still improving.

We empower our patients and visitors to partner with us to be sure simple safety protocols like thorough hand washing are followed.

Exemplary Patient Experience
Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is routinely recognized by Avatar International—an independent survey company, for our commitment to patient satisfaction. We listen to the feedback from our patients, and teams of employees make changes based upon what patients tell us.

Your patient experience at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center isn’t just about our expectations for your care. We ask you what Very Good Care means to you, and write it down in your room for all of your caregivers to see. Any staff member who enters your room can check to be sure we are meeting your expectations for your care. This practice has received national attention as a best practice for patient service.

And because we know a restful environment is important for patients, and hard to come by in a busy hospital, we are paying special attention to noise levels at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. Our Silent Hospitals Help Healing program heightens awareness about noise among patients, staff, and visitors to help ensure we make our environment as restful as possible during your stay.

Engaged and dedicated caregivers
Our goal is to be an Employer of Choice in the region and the state. Employee engagement survey responses routinely place Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in the top percentiles in the nation. That means our employees know they make a difference for patients, and understand how their individual work delivers the mission of our medical center every day.