Annie B., RN

We are delighted to recognize Annie B., RN, Merritt 3, our latest recipient of the DAISY Award. This award is a testament to Annie's remarkable dedication to the nursing profession and the extraordinary patient care she provides.
Annie's knowledge and professionalism stand as a shining example for all. She has an impressive grasp of her patients' needs and ensures their questions are addressed thoroughly. If an answer is not at her fingertips, she consults with her colleagues to provide accurate information. Her caring nature and positive attitude have been a source of comfort and trust for her patients, helping them to feel at ease.
Her colleagues admire Annie's compassion and integrity. Despite being relatively new to the unit, Annie's dedication to build a rapport with each patient has been noticed and appreciated. Her empathetic and calming presence has earned her accolades from patients and their families, with one patient mentioning, "Annie always lifts your spirits."
Annie's is admired by her peers for her commitment to evidence-based practice and self-improvement. She stays up-to-date about policy changes, accepts feedback graciously, and consistently seeks to enhance her skills.
Annie is a true embodiment of our medical center’s mission and vision. She champions for her patients and the community, leading with compassion and unwavering dedication. We feel privileged to have her as part of our team. Congratulations, Annie! Your relentless pursuit of excellence in patient care is truly inspiring.