Mandy O., RN

We're delighted to announce Mandy O., RN, Cardiac Critical Care Unit (CCU), as our newest DAISY Award honoree!
Mandy is the embodiment of the nursing spirit. Known for her deep compassion and determination, Mandy has an innate ability to bring comfort and confidence to her patients. She faces challenging diagnoses with a steadfast resolve, often going above and beyond to ensure patients' physical and emotional needs are met.
Known for her patient-centered approach, Mandy's actions during a recent cardiac intervention perfectly showcase her empathy for her patients and their loved ones. She provided unwavering support for the patient's family while preparing them for a difficult end-of-life transition, displaying an admirable blend of professionalism and compassion. Even after the patient's passing, she continued to provide comfort to the bereaved family.
Mandy's professional integrity is also commendable. In an incident where a patient's condition wasn't improving, she reached out to another unit, ultimately leading to the discovery of a life-threatening condition that required immediate surgery. Her persistence in this scenario saved the patient's life.
Always humble, Mandy will say she is 'just doing her job.' Yet, her role as a preceptor training new nurses, her commitment to patient wellbeing, and her support of her team all speak volumes about her dedication. Mandy's unwavering commitment to her profession embodies the essence of a DAISY Award honoree. 
Congratulations, Mandy, for this well-deserved recognition! Your relentless dedication sets an inspirational standard for all of us.
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