Osteopathic Medicine Curriculum

Our program has had Osteopathic Recognition status designated through the ACGME since 2017, previously a “dually accredited site.”  Osteopathic education has been a valued part of our curriculum for many years and has been integrated into the program for all to experience.

Osteopathic Grand Rounds, a 2-hour didactic experience with combined presentation and hands on learning occurs monthly.  Our Spring and Fall OMT updates are full day experiences that occur twice a year providing the opportunity to focus on Osteopathic Medicine and spend time with other faculty, residents, and students within the state. 

Designated Osteopathic residents are scheduled for OMM clinic sessions once a month in their first year and twice a month in their second and third year.  Residents are encouraged to integrate osteopathic treatment into their regular family medicine clinic visits.

We have three board certified NMM/OMM faculty, osteopathic faculty, and community preceptors as well as a robust Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Residency.  This ensures an osteopathic environment rich in diversity and enthusiasm.  An Osteopathic Consult Service provides the opportunity to gain comfort and experience using OMT in the hospital while on covered services.  Sports Medicine rotation includes an OMT clinic at the University of Maine.   Participation in an outpatient osteopathic consult service is integrated into the curriculum.  Elective rotations as well as a variety of additional osteopathic learning opportunities are available. 

This year we offered a one-week osteopathic boot camp prior to the start of residency for incoming residents wanting a quick review as well as for our incoming MD residents interested in Osteopathic Recognition.  We anticipate this opportunity being available in June of 2022 as well.