Inpatient Adult Medicine

Our adult medicine teaching service (AMTS) is our own medical service that cares primarily for the residency clinic’s patient panel in the hospital. It is a great opportunity to foster continuity of care. We offer consult services to other admitting specialists as well. Overnight, we have the unique opportunity to work with the hospitalist service, comprised of FM and IM physicians in equal parts, and staffed by several graduates from our own program! It is a wonderful opportunity to be mentored under a variety of different practicing styles.

We follow our patients across any acuity of care, including the ICU, comanaging them alongside intensivists. We are lucky to have a strong working and mentoring relationship with our intensivist team.

Resident physicians on the adult medicine teaching service (AMTS) are simultaneously responsible for code blue coverage for the entire hospital.

Our daily rounds on AMTS are multidisciplinary and involve our pharmacy students/residents. These are invaluable to our learning and staying up to date on most recent guideline directed medical care.