Points of Pride

On your first day of residency, you treat patients; from day one, you are building continuity.


  • On day one of residency you are a doctor, seeing and treating patients, and building continuity.
  • We have multimodal therapies built right into clinic, with several ancillary services available at your fingertips: we have clinical pharmacists, midwives, FNPs specializing in prenatal care and addiction medicine,  and a robust behavioral health team. Just down the hall is a number of specialists who are always happy to be curb sided! We are in the unique position as an unopposed program to have close relationships with specialists who value our contributions as resident physicians and are eager to continue our collaborative working relationships post-graduation.  

Specialty Clinics

  • In our outpatient clinic, we run a number of specialty clinics, geared to serve our population in a more full spectrum way, and offer you tremendous learning opportunities. 
  • Procedure Clinic: offering bedside Nexplanon, incision and drainage, lumpectomies, joint injections, nail removals, biopsies, IUD placement, circumcisions, vasectomies, and much more.
  • Dermatology clinic
  • Developmental and behavioral pediatrics Clinic
  • Colposcopy clinic
  • Psychiatry: with group sessions addressing anxiety and offering ancillary medicine services like acupuncture to augment care.
  • Multidisciplinary concussion clinics: includes physical therapy, behavioral health, osteopathy, and faculty specially trained in concussion management.


  • We are an unopposed family medicine residency; this means we are the only medical residency in the hospital. We run many of our own services in the hospital or are first call on others. Our services include inpatient adult medicine (with an open ICU), inpatient pediatrics (with PICU experience), obstetrics, and newborn nursery.
  • We focus on full spectrum training.
  • Osteopathic recognition and an OMM Boot Camp preparing MDs to pursue our osteopathic recognition.
  • As an academic institution, Eastern Maine Medical Center is a place where you work with medical students in most settings and learn interprofessional educational skills, including working with pharmacy residents and students, social workers, nurse practitioners, and others in various stages of training.


Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is a 411-bed hospital, serving the northern two-thirds of the state of Maine. Transfers from across the state bring us incredible learning opportunities.

As the only medical residency in the hospital, we are encouraged to take on leadership positions. We serve as code team leaders and actively serve on many committees across the clinic and hospital.


We have many unique curriculum opportunities; please click here to learn more (hyperlink to curriculum)
  • POCUS curriculum
  • Narrative medicine – gathering patient life stories
  • Camp Hope – serving as the physician at a summer camp for children with cancer
  • Native ceremonial medicine – serving as the physician caring for tribal communities participating in rigorous ceremonies
  • Partnership with tribal communities in the State of Maine including rotations with Indian Health Services at the Penobscot Nation Clinic and an initiative to expand screening for and treatment of substance use disorders at Tribal Health Centers.
  • Integrative medicine
  • High Volume OB rotations
  • NCAA sideline game coverage (UMO Sports Medicine Link)
  • Many unique opportunities for clinical research and scholarly activities
  • ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) annually organized and taught primarily by residency core faculty