Simulation Center


The simulation center’s staff is the learning environment’s operational backbone. They often bring specialized knowledge in simulation technology, educational theory, curriculum design, and day-to-day operations. Their expertise ensures that the center’s infrastructure, from technology to program scheduling, runs smoothly and effectively. This operational excellence sets the stage for high-quality educational experiences. Their collaboration with the clinical subject matter experts sets the stage for high-quality simulation encounters.

Northern Light Eastern Medical Center Simulation Center’s mission is to empower learners to be advocates for safe practice through guiding and facilitating educational activities and to improve competency across the organization. The focus is on standards of assessment and policies using differing simulation modalities. These modalities work with individuals, teams and the wider organization.

The aim is to ensure preparation for empowerment and to improve the quality of care, by giving learners an opportunity to use a hands-on approach to patient care and treatment within a simulated clinical environment. We build knowledge and skills through learning, assessment, and feedback throughout our organization and community.

Areas of focus include clinical knowledge and decision-making, communication skills, situational awareness, professionalism, collaborative teamwork, and ethical behavior.

During Simulations, learners interact with high fidelity mannequins that simulate symptoms and conditions specific to real-life patients and scenarios. The Simulation Center houses an entire family of mannequins including adults, pediatrics, and obstetrics.