Medical, Surgical and Telemetry Specialties

Our medical, surgical and telemetry units are, in many ways, the backbone of the hospital. They are a great place to work for nurses who want a constantly evolving, fast-paced setting. Each individual unit supports one of our centers of excellence: joint, stroke and bariatric surgery. Nursing leadership encourages and supports medical-surgical nurses in pursuing certification through the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses and the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Merritt 3 Surgical is our advanced surgical post-operative specialty unit. We are one of the first surgery and weight loss centers in the country to offer robot-assisted surgical weight loss. We are a national and worldwide leader and resource for this technique. As a Bariatric Center of Excellence recognized by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, our nurses provide our patients with remarkable care every day. Our unit has achieved and maintained the Joint Replacement Center of Excellence award.

Grant 4 and Penobscot Pavilion 6 are the dynamic, fast-paced cardiac telemetry units. They provide a unique opportunity to administer and manage medications that require cardiac monitoring and training to manage abnormal cardiac rhythms. We care for acute cardiac medical patients, as well as pre-op and post-op open heart surgery patients. Our nurses partner with some of the best trained cardiologists and thoracic surgeons in the U.S. All our nurses receive their advanced cardiac life support certification in the first year of employment. The two units collaborate to care for our large cardiac population.
Nurses on our Grant 5 care for our patients who are “discharge ready” and are waiting for placement at a lower level of care. They care for a variety of patients focusing on geriatrics through a multidisciplinary approach that builds a great knowledge base and strong clinical skills for any nurse.

Grant 6 serves as our medical unit of excellence where nurses care for patients with a diverse range of diagnoses. Nurses have the opportunity to learn and care for patients with electrolyte imbalances; respiratory, neurology, nephrology and gastrology illnesses. We have achieved and maintain a Stroke Care Center by the Joint Commission.  Grant 6 also serves as a hematology and oncology specialty unit specializing in the care of patients with blood disorders and various types of cancer. Nurses can obtain chemotherapy/biotherapy certification, which allows them to administer medications and manage the care of patients receiving these therapies. Those nurses wanting to learn and deliver apheresis treatments work here.