2019 recipient of the SUNSHINE Outpatient Procedural Award

Date: 09/26/2019

Sullivan-(1).jpgDebbie Sullivan receives the 2019 SUNSHINE Outpatient/Procedural Award. Our Sunshine Award is given to a CNA/NT who supports nurses in caring for our patients and demonstrates SUNSHINE: Smiling, Understanding, and Nurturing while Sharing a Helping hand In Nursing Excellence.

Debbie Sullivan joined our rehab practice in February of 2006 as a nurse technician/CNA and plays an integral role in the flow and success of our clinic. Her primary role in the clinic is getting patients ready to see the physician or nurse.

Debbie does a wonderful job at assessing the clinic flow and provider schedules to make sure the patients have completed intake, all their questions have been answered, and they are ready to see the provider on time. Not only is she efficient with her timing, she does all of this in a supportive and caring manor that truly helps to alleviate fears and concerns patients may have.

Debbie is also responsible for scheduling and coordinating our Muscular Dystrophy clinic, keeping track of not only appointments, but following up on orders, treatment plans, and being a resource for patients.

Debbie is a high performing role model employee who consistently demonstrates classic caring behaviors, and a commitment to her patients, workers, and providers. She is a true asset and key player in the rehab team!