Northern Light Telehealth supports people suffering from chronic heart and lung diseases.

Managing chronic health conditions can mean frequent trips to the doctor or hospital to monitor vital signs. Northern Light's Telehealth Program does the monitoring for you right from your home. It takes your vital signs, records them and transfers important information to your medical team using a simple state-of-the-art machine.

When the machine is set up in your home, your Northern Light nurse also trains you to read and record the information to monitor your condition. The machine does all the rest.

Each day at a pre-determined time, the Telehealth machine’s friendly voice guides you through the process. With answers to a few questions plus a few buttons to push, your vital signs are transferred to Northern Light’s Telehealth Team where the information is evaluated and compared to the guidelines outlined by your healthcare provider. With regular monitoring, your healthcare team can help you better manage your condition.

Northern Light Telehealth is just one more way we deliver the care you need so you can remain in the comfort of your own home. To find out if you qualify, please call 800-757-3326 and ask to speak to the manager of our Telehealth service.