Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists focus on assisting you with successfully completing everyday activities. These include getting in and out of bed, on and off of the toilet, personal hygiene and making a meal. Northern Light’s therapists can help you regain skills lost after sustaining an injury and provide support as you experience the cognitive and physical changes that occur with age.

After visiting you in your home and conducting an evaluation, we will work with you, your family and caregivers, to determine your personal goals. Next, we will customize a treatment plan for you that will improve your ability to complete daily activities and reach your goals, which may include using adaptive equipment or modifying your home environment. Over time, we’ll also discuss your plan and progress with you and your caregivers to determine if changes are needed.

At Northern Light, we want to be the people who make it possible for you to live safely in your own home. If that means installing a commode next to your bed so that you don’t have to walk to the bathroom at night, or creating a long handled dressing stick for putting on socks, that’s what we’ll do. Our goal is for you to safely complete everyday tasks without fear of pain or harm.

Call 800-757-3326 today to speak with one of our occupational therapists about your questions or concerns.