Goals of the Program

Our mission is to offer a caring, safe environment where children, teens, young adults and their caregivers utilize peer support and grief education to creatively express, share and grow through the healing process. Participants can expect the following goals to be met in our programs:

  • To provide support groups for children, their families, and caregivers who have experienced a death of an important person in their lives.
  • To help children and adults understand the emotional, behavioral, physical, social, and spiritual responses related to loss.
  • To help children and their families develop strategies for coping, communicating, and healing as a family.
  • To assist in defining a “new normal” in the childrens' and families’ lives.
  • To help children acknowledge the death, feel the feelings, preserve memories, and move forward.
  • To provide parents/caregivers support and knowledge so they may better aid their child in the healing journey.
  • To assist in preventing any significant problems that can develop from unresolved childhood grief from death and loss.
  • To encourage families that seek a grief support group, yet, who may not be ready for a peer group setting, to get connected with other social service agencies or independent counselors to better meet their needs at the time.
  • To provide outreach in the form of grief education to schools in an effort to empower teachers and staff to feel comfortable and confident in their ability to assist grieving children.