Patients & Visitors

As COVID-19 cases increase in our community, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center looks to keep our patients, staff, and community safe by further limiting the number of visitors and adjusting masking requirements.

To keep everyone safe, we are currently:

  • Restricting visiting hours to 12-6 pm
  • Limiting visitors to one visitor per patient per day in most cases.
  • The visitor must remain with the patient for the duration of their visit
  • Not allowing anyone under the age of 18 to visit
  • Asking everyone to wear a face mask supplied by this facility is required while on Northern Light Health property, which means no eating or drinking while on campus.
  • Screening patients, visitors, and staff for symptoms of the virus and exposure.
  • Limiting visitor movement within our facility

There are unique circumstances when it is important for loved ones to visit patients and those exceptions will be reviewed by nursing leaders. These conditions include:
  • End of life - two visitors at the bedside, up to four visitors daily.
  • Patients who lack capacity or are intubated - one visitor at the bedside, up to two visitors for the duration of the patient’s stay.
  • Pediatric/NICU/PICU patients - up to two parents/guardians/primary caregivers at the bedside for the duration of the patient’s stay.
  • Labor and Delivery patients - one support person at the bedside for the duration of the patient’s stay.
Adult patients coming to the Medical Center campus or one of our outpatient practices for an appointment are encouraged to come alone unless it is necessary for a support person to assist with communication, disruptive behavior, or mobility needs. Outpatient appointments for pediatric patients may have one support person accompany the patient.

Also, patients and visitors are now required to wear a face mask supplied by Northern Light Health while on facility property. Personal face masks will not be permitted.

Patients who think they may have symptoms of COVID-19 and are scheduled for a medical appointment, should call their office first. This is important to prevent the potential spread of the virus to patients and the care teams that are working hard to keep everyone healthy.

We will continue to assess our visitation policy and may make adjustments to promote safety within our facility. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Decisions about our health and healthcare are among the most personal choices we make in life. At Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, we understand the significance of these decisions, and we're grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center's staff is trained to respect your individuality, your privacy, and your dignity. Our goal is to think always of the patient first. In fact, you may see reminders and signs of our Patient First philosophy around the medical center. It means that while you are here, we will do everything we can to make you comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

Our team of healthcare professionals offers countless special skills, all coming together to provide the most satisfactory hospital experience possible. We try to anticipate the needs of each patient, but if you feel something is missing in our efforts, please talk to a member of your care team. For answers to questions your care team cannot resolve, please contact our Patient Relations Department by dialing x38110 from any hospital phone or 973-8110 from outside the hospital during regular business hours.

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Visits from family and friends are an important part of the recovery process for patients. Some areas of the hospital have different policies regarding visitors depending on patient's special needs. Please check with a nurse or with our information desk if you have questions.

Please be aware the patients have a right to request a restricted status. If a patient makes this request, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center may not confirm the patient's presence in our facility, or accept mail, flowers, or phone calls on his or her behalf.

Out of town visitors may want to consider staying at the Riverside Inn. The Inn is adjacent to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center and offers discounts to patrons who are visiting patients in the hospital.