Operating Room

Ready for surgery!

After all preoperative tasks are complete, you will be taken to the Surgical Suite on a stretcher.

What to expect in the Operating Room (OR)

  • The OR may feel cold to you. The temperature and humidity are very carefully controlled to prevent germs from growing. Your anesthesia team will monitor your temperature during surgery and help keep you warm.
  • You will be asked to slide over from the stretcher to the OR bed. If you need assistance, we will help you move over.
  • The OR bed is in the center of the room and can be raised, lowered, and tilted in any direction.
  • You will see bright lamps overhead that eliminate shadows and help the surgeon see the surgical field very clearly.
  • Monitors will be applied to you that will monitor your heart, blood pressure, breathing, temperature, and oxygen levels.
  • You will be given oxygen to breath. Medication will go through your IV to either make you very sleepy or put you under anesthesia. If a breathing device is placed, a breathing machine (ventilator) will be used to help you breath during the surgery.
  • A final “time-out”, like what was done in the preop area, will be done by the surgeon and all members of the surgical team participating. During this time, the entire team stops and focuses only on safety to ensure we have the correct patient, the correct procedure, and the correct site.
  • A member of the anesthesia team stays with you throughout the surgery until it is complete and you are ready to go to the recovery room.
  • At the end of the surgery, your surgeon will update your support person on how the surgery went, either by phone or in-person in the Surgical Reception area. While the surgeon is providing the update, the surgical team brings you to the Recovery Area.