Day of Surgery


When arriving at the hospital, our Park-and-Ride service is available in our Webber lot. This parking lot is located on the right before reaching the Main Entrance. Proceed to any space near the Park-and-Ride kiosk and call the number on the sign. Our shuttle service will pick you and your support person up and bring you to the Main Entrance.

  • For your safety, our electric Park-and-Ride carts are climate-controlled, cleaned between passengers, and allow adequate social distancing.
  • The Park and Ride vehicles make continual trips between the shelter in the Webber parking lot and the Main Entrance, so wait times are minimal.
  • Park and Ride is available Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays, from 5 am to 5 pm. Patients may also call 973.7500 from their cell phone to request a picked up.
  • To get a ride back to your vehicle, patients may stop at the Penobscot Pavilion Main Entrance and speak with the Park and Ride attendant.

If you choose not to use our Park-and-Ride service, you may park in any space designated for patients and visitors in our parking garage and walk to the Main Entrance.

Surgical Patient Reception

  1. Once you arrive at our Medical Center, proceed to the Main Entrance and check in at the Information desk where you your support person will receive a visitor bracelet.
  2. Take the lobby elevators to the third floor, where you will follow the signs to Surgical Patient Reception.
  3. In Surgical Patient Reception, you will check in at the “Welcome Desk” where your support person will provide their contact information. This will be used to provide updates to them, during surgery (if needed) and for the surgeon to contact them once your surgery is complete.
  4. You will then be directed to Surgical Registration where you will “check in” for your procedure. You will receive a patient bracelet with your personal information on it that is used as part of our safety identification program.
  5. While waiting to be brought into the pre-operative area, you will be asked to complete a Medication Reconciliation. This form lists all the medications you are currently taking. We ask that you review this list carefully, make certain it contains all your current medications, and write down the last date/time you took them. This sheet must be filled in completely prior to having surgery.
  6. You and your support person can then make yourselves comfortable in the waiting area until you are escorted to your preoperative room.
Day of Surgery

Patient Surgical Reception with Surgical Tracking Board


No one likes to wait. One of our goals is for your surgery to be safe and to start on-time. Do not be concerned, however, if your surgery starts a little later than scheduled or if your own surgery takes longer than expected. Your preoperative nurse will communicate any delays in the start of surgery to you. Your support person will also be updated if your surgery takes longer than expected. We appreciate your understanding that surgical times are only estimates, and that our priority is to provide every patient with a safe and successful surgery.

There are electronic screens in the waiting area to keep your support person updated on when you are in the Operating Room and when you arrive in recovery. When your surgery is complete, your surgeon will update your support person by calling them or speaking with them in the waiting area. Your support person may leave the waiting area to go to the Maine Café or Gift Shop while you are in the Operating Room. Once you are awake in the recovery room, your support person will be brought in to sit with you and help prepare for your discharge home or your transfer to your hospital room.