Home Safety After Surgery

Preparing at home before surgery for your specific needs after surgery is advised. This will help reduce the immediate stress of your post-surgical experience and create a safer home environment for your healing. Here are some tips:

  • If your activity will be limited after surgery, consider arranging for help around the house to help you in your recovery period. If you think you may need outside assistance, please discuss this during your POSH phone call or visit. We will be able to help you make special arrangements you may need.
  • Prepare and freeze meals to make healthy eating after surgery easier.
  • If you will need grab-bars, night lights, or other equipment installed, have this done well before surgery.
  • Go through your house and remove safety hazards, like throw rugs and loose cords.
  • Arrange for a family member or other responsible adult to come with you to the hospital.
  • For your safety, you will need a responsible adult to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours after anesthesia.
  • If you do not have someone to drive you home, your surgery may be cancelled. If you have no one to bring you home or stay with you after surgery, please discuss this during your POSH phone call so we can assist with helping to make possible other arrangements.

A word about insurance coverage

Health care benefits change and can be different from plan-to-plan and between providers. In the few days before surgery, call your insurance provider to confirm coverage of your surgery.