The Night Before and Morning of Surgery

The night before surgery

  • Following the instructions you were given in the office, take a shower using half the bottle of surgical soap you were given. If you were not instructed to use a special soap, use regular antibacterial soap.
  • DO NOT shave at or near the surgical site! Shaving can increase risk for infection.
  • Wear freshly washed pajamas after your shower and put newly washed sheets on your bed before going to sleep.
  • Take any medicines you were directed to during your POSH phone call or visit.
  • Remember not to eat anything after midnight. You may have clear liquids until 2 hours prior to surgery. See the “Eating and Drinking Instructions” tab for more information.

The morning of surgery

  • In the morning, take a 2nd shower using the remaining ½ bottle of surgical soap or with antibacterial soap.
  • Put on clean, comfortable clothing.
  • DO NOT wear colognes, perfumes, aftershave, or deodorant- we are a fragrance-free building.
  • Take any medications you were directed to during your POSH phone call or visit

Certain procedures may require special showering instructions before surgery. For example, patients having a total joint surgery may be instructed to shower with a special surgical soap for up to 5 days prior to surgery.

If you received special instructions from your surgeon, be sure to follow these carefully. If you have questions, please call Perioperative Surgical Home at 207.973.5456