Pediatric Sedation

Pediatric sedation is more than just “going to sleep.” Pediatric Sedation is an integrated clinical service aimed at reducing the pain and stress associated with children’s medical care.

Our Pediatric Sedation team, comprised of pediatric intensivists and hospitalists, child life specialists, and pediatric nurses, works with each child and his or her parents individually to create a sedation plan that is comfortable, safe, and effective. The team uses medications for relaxation and pain relief — adjusted for a child’s unique needs and tolerances. Our medicines generally work quickly with few side effects and allow for fast recovery. We combine this with relaxation and distraction techniques, and methods of numbing the skin so that the pain of the IV needle is lessened. The entire process is customized for each individual child based on their medical history and an assessment by the Pediatric Sedation team and child life specialist.