Frequently Asked Questions

Request or confirm an appointment

Our providers need to schedule telehealth just like any other appointment. Appointments are confirmed with an email message, which includes a link to Zoom Healthcare for visits that include video, or a phone number if you are only using the telephone to talk.

Register for your visit right before your appointment

When you click on the Zoom link in the appointment email, you’ll find instructions on how to download and use Zoom (it’s very easy, almost automatic).

How your appointment works

If your visit is by phone or Zoom, the practice will call you right before your appointment to confirm you’re available, and let you know if the provider is also on schedule (in case of emergencies or unexpected conditions, schedules can change). During this call, the practice will ask you for your verbal consent to be treated and to have your appointment included in your medical records. If your appointment is by phone, you’ll stay on hold until the provider is ready for you. If your appointment is by Zoom, you’ll see yourself entered into a virtual Zoom waiting room. When the provider is ready, you’ll be presented a link to click to join the “Virtual Patient Exam Room.”

What if I have tech issues?

We have a help desk available 7 days a week, 8 am – 4:30 pm. If you’re having any issues with Zoom, please call 1-833-217-9640. It’s a toll-free call.

If your appointment requires in-person contact

In some cases, you can still use telehealth even if you need care that requires someone with you. Your provider will determine if one of our Home Care nurses can visit you and become part of your telehealth visit. Ask your provider for more information.

Following up on your appointment

Once your exam or consultation is done, your provider will determine if you can continue with your next appointment by telehealth, or if an in-person follow up is required. You’ll be transferred to the practice staff to schedule any follow up visits needed.

Checking out

Just like an in-office visit, we’ll need to check you out. You can receive your visit summary in the mail, or it can be made available at your convenience on our online Patient Portal.