Mark Lukens

Senior Vice President for Northern Light Health and President of Northern Light Acadia Hospital and Acadia Healthcare

Mark A. Lukens, MBA is a senior vice president for Northern Light Health and president of Northern Light Acadia Hospital and Acadia Healthcare. As president, Mark is responsible for the overall operational performance and mission fulfillment of Northern Light Acadia Hospital. Adept at developing and implementing process improvements and cost efficiencies, Mark’s vast background in strategic leadership in health care, sales and marketing, technology, process improvement, and talent management compliment his ability to lead with compassion, accountability, integrity, and respect for all.

Mark became president of Northern Light Acadia Hospital in July 2023.

Background of past employment:

Prior to joining Northern Light, Mark served as president and CEO of Integre Health, Behavioral Health Services North, and CWI, all of whom are regional integrated health care leaders across the physical health, mental health, and social wellbeing space in the central and northern New York region. Mark also served as president of Northwinds Integrated Health Network, a large Intelligent Processes Automation (IPA) company actively engaged in value-based payment contracting.

Mark has also held various other roles spanning from a flight/SWOT medic, deputy director under the Pennsylvania Department of Health (County of Montgomery), and chief operating officer of a leading critical care services company, to entrepreneur and founder of several companies across the pharmaceutical research, management consulting, technology, and human resource space.

Mark currently serves on the faculty of the State University of New York and teaches in the School of Business and Economics with a focus on management, marketing and branding, MIS, Human Resource policy and practice, health care, and international business.

Guiding principles

  • Lead with Purpose.
  • Exhibit passion.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Remain faithful to your promises.
  • Surround myself with people who talk about ideas—not events or people.
  • Know yourself – Try to uncover my weaknesses, especially ones that exist in my blind spots – then either fix or compensate for them.
  • Have a bias towards action.
  • Have fun.
  • Always be more in the service of others.

Notable professional and community membership and leadership roles:

  • Board Member, Lake Forest Senior Living Community
  • Board Member, Joint Council of Economic Opportunity
  • Board Member, Town of Peru, NY Planning Board
  • Board Member, VISION 2040 & Vision2Action


  • MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Paramedic
  • Lean Six Sigma – DFSS
  • Accomplished member and contributor, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Contributor, Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)
  • Former chief of operations for multiple EMS agencies


  • AS, Pre-Medical concentration, University of South Florida/Edison – Fort Myers, FL
  • BA, Management and Organizational Development, Eastern University – Philadelphia, PA
  • MBA, Master of Business Administration, Eastern University, Philadelphia, PA


  • Teaching, cooking, home construction projects, and enjoying the outdoors.

Favorite quote(s):

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there." – Theodore Roosevelt

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." – Albert Einstein.