Carrie Arsenault

Senior Vice President of Northern Light Health and President of Northern Light Wellness

Carrie Arsenault, MBA, is a senior vice president of Northern Light Health and president of Northern Light Wellness.
Carrie provides inspiring innovation that leads to the development and implementation of an integrated population health infrastructure for Northern Light Health. Northern Light Wellness supports the transformation of how care will be delivered today and into the future across Northern Light Health and surrounding communities.
Northern Light Wellness works to ensure care is accessible and affordable for the people of Maine. By building a new care model that reimburses for the value of care delivered rather than on the quantity of care provided, healthcare teams can personalize their approach to truly meet the needs of patients. 
Under Carrie’s leadership, Northern Light Wellness partners with providers, businesses, and other community organizations, to build a high-quality option that prioritizes the needs and wants of area communities so that care is consistent, coordinated, and affordable.
Being a member of a large Maine family with deep roots in the state, Carrie’s work is personal to her. She is passionate about challenging the status quo and empowering those around her to think outside of the box. She wants to make sure her family now and for generations to come has the best care available.
As a Maine native, Carrie is a trusted and familiar face with a 30-year history with Northern Light Health. She is also a member of the American Academy of Healthcare Executives, National Association of Accountable Care Organizations, and a board member of the Boots2Roots organization.
Prior to her current role at Northern Light Health, Carrie was the vice president of Operations at Northern Light Wellness and served in several leadership roles across Northern Light Health.
MBA and Bachelor of Science programs, Husson University
Associate of Science in Health Information Technology, University of Maine
Carrie became the president of Northern Light Wellness in 2020.