What is it like living and working in the Maine Highlands?


Whether you prefer to explore the great outdoors or the cultural experience of a more urban setting, the Maine Highlands offers the best of both worlds:

  • Located in the center of Maine, the Highlands is home to both Maine’s highest peak, Mount Katahdin, as well as Maine’s largest lake, Moosehead.
  • Moosehead has become a top destination for vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts. The impressive size of this lake covers about 400 miles of shoreline and contains more than 80 islands.
  • On the southern end of the Highlands is the city of Bangor, Maine’s third largest city. During the last decade, Bangor has experienced a cultural resurgence, making it both an attractive place to visit and live.
  • The American Folk Festival, Waterfront Concert series, and Bangor’s many artisan festivals are just a few of the many year-round attractions.
  • Just north of Bangor is the University of Maine’s flagship campus in Orono. The Collin’s Center for the Arts, located on the university campus, also attracts world-class performances in a variety of art forms to the stage, including Broadway tours, nationally-known comedians, as well as legendary musicians.