Center of Excellence in Robotic and Hernia Surgery

COEHS.pngCOERS.pngNorthern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center has passed a rigorous inspection by Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), a nonprofit patient safety organization that provides accreditations for surgical facilities and medical professionals. The visit officially grants the medical center nine accreditations, the first facility in Maine to hold these designations.

Hernia and robotic surgical teams were found to not only meet SRC’s standards, but internationally recognized standards in surgical quality and safety. The accreditations include:

  • Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery
  • Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery
Three surgeons at Northern Light Surgical Specialists earned a Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery designation:
  • Daniel Hetherman, MD
  • Matthew Sharbaugh, DO
  • Michelle Toder, MD

Additionally, two surgeons at Northern Light Surgical Specialists achieved Surgeon of Excellence in Hernia Surgery:
  • Daniel Hetherman, MD
  • Matthew Sharbaugh, DO

Two staff members were also recognized as Care Specialists:
  • Zina Black, BSN, RN, CNOR, coordinator, Hernia and Heartburn Program, Northern Light Surgical Specialists, earned a Hernia Care Specialist designation.
  • Jude Tardy, PA-C, Northern Light Surgical Specialists, achieved recognition as a Robotic Care Specialist.
“We are proud to receive these designations that identify our medical center as national experts in both hernia and robotic surgery,” says Daniel Hetherman, MD, surgeon and lead physician, Northern Light Surgical Specialists. “The accreditations are possible because of our commitment to safety, ensuring high-quality surgical care, and focusing on optimal patient outcomes.”
To achieve SRC accreditation, healthcare facilities, surgeons, and care team members undergo an extensive review process. Requirements include an emphasis on patient education and continuous quality assessment while maintaining specific surgical volumes using robotic surgical equipment using best practice, and standardized operating procedures.