Research Opportunities

Psychiatry residents at Northern Light Acadia Hospital can take advantage of the supportive research infrastructure of the Northern Light Health system. This includes the Northern Light Clinical Research Center and the Eastern Maine Medical Center Institutional Review Board that serve clinical investigators at Acadia Hospital.

Research mentors for residents and medical students are available at Acadia Hospital. The Robert C. Strauss Neurocognitive Research Program at Acadia Hospital is nationally known for excellence in clinical trials of new symptomatic and disease-modifying interventions for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging and Health (MAINAH) is a research registry of over 900 Maine citizens with an interest in maintaining brain health throughout life. Acadia is also starting a new research initiative in schizophrenia to meet a community need and expand our research portfolio.

In addition, residents can benefit from collaborative research relationships with world-class scientists at the University of Maine, the Jackson Laboratory and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

The trainees, supported by lectures on research design and critical analysis of published studies, will have opportunities to utilize this knowledge with presentations to colleagues, students, and medical professionals in and outside of our organization. In addition, a specific research project will be completed by PGY-4 trainees in any area of interest. Each project will be mentored by a faculty member and approved by the program director.