Clinical Sites

Northern Light Acadia Hospital

Northern Light Acadia Hospital is a 100 bed free-standing nonprofit psychiatric hospital located in Bangor, Maine.  Acadia Hospital was the first free-standing not-for-profit private psychiatric hospital in the state.  In 1987 Eastern Maine Healthcare and the Jackson Brook Institute of Portland conducted a joint study of the unmet needs of psychiatric patients in the State of Maine and a certificate of need was filed proposing construction of an 80 bed psychiatric hospital in Bangor.  The hospital was constructed following the purchase of the bankrupt James Taylor Osteopathic Hospital by Eastern Maine Healthcare (now Northern Light Health) in 1990.  Acadia Hospital opened as a 100 bed psychiatric facility in August, 1992, offering acute psychiatric care and chemical dependency services.

The hospital services have grown through the years to create an extensive mental health delivery system with state-wide reach and impact.  A second needs assessment was undertaken by Northern Light Health in 2021 resulting in a proposal to construct a 49,000 sq foot addition to the Northern Light Acadia Hospital Campus to create a state of the art 50 bed child and adolescent building.  Upon completion of this project, Northern Light Acadia Hospital will be among the very few psychiatric hospitals in the United States to offer all 100 hospitalized patients a private room.

New Construction at Acadia

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center opened its doors as Bangor General Hospital on June 7, 1892.  The hospital was the result of a petition circulated in a public meeting one year earlier calling for the “establishment, operation, and maintenance of general hospital for the charitable and benevolent purposes of aging, treating and relieving the sick, injured and disabled…”.  In 1896, the name of the hospital was changed to Eastern Maine General Hospital to reflect the fact that most of its financial support came from the state and not the city.  One year later the hospital was chartered by the Maine State Legislature. 

The hospital grew steadily through the years and in 2012 a $287 million dollar expansion project was undertaken to bring the hospital to its current licensed capacity of 411 beds.  Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is the specialty referral hospital for eastern and northern Maine, providing leading-edge programs in cancer, surgery, and cardiac care, among many others.  In addition, the hospital has been a pioneer in green energy since the opening of a co-generation facility on site in 2006.  The turbine powered facility enables the hospital to efficiently generate more than 93% of its total electricity needs.

Husson Internal Medicine

Northern Light Primary Care, Husson Avenue, strives to provide excellent, compassionate primary healthcare services and cooperates with community partners to promote the well-being of the Bangor community. Conveniently located near the Husson University campus, the clinic is easily accessible and provides preventive care for all ages, same-day sick appointments, women’s health, and nutritional counseling. Psychiatric residents will work with the clinical team to further their medical training through the psychiatry residency and to promote the mission to care for patients, families, communities, and one another.

Community Health and Counseling Services

Community Health and Counseling Services (CHCS) is a non-profit community-based healthcare organization serving communities across Maine. CHCS offers a broad array of services to assist people in their recovery from a wide range of health conditions. The organization traces its roots back to 1883 when a group of concerned church women organized Associated Charities to unify the charitable work being done by twenty-four different local church groups in and around Bangor, Maine. The organization has continued to thrive and expand its mission of providing community health care services which are needed and valued by the communities and individuals served.