When health is absent
Wisdom cannot reveal itself.
Art cannot manifest,
Strength cannot fight,
Wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.
--Herophilus 300 B.C., Greek physician, and pioneer anatomist

Residency is a time of immense learning, camaraderie, joy, and a deepened understanding of the art of medicine. It can also be an inherently bewildering and stressful time with demands that can test one’s perception of themselves and their abilities.

Physicians, particularly medical students and residents are at higher risk than their non-medical peers for depression, burnout, and suicide. At Northern Light Acadia Hospital, we are dedicated to emphasizing the importance of wellness and professional fulfillment as part of our culture and have created a curriculum to support resident wellness starting at the beginning of the PGY1 year.

In addition to this curriculum, the program provides further structure to maintain wellness for the duration of residency through mentoring, retreats, and access to various other resources.

Our curriculum includes monthly interactive lectures on the following topics.

  1. Introduction to wellness
  2. Self-care: Sleep, nutrition, and exercise
  3. Self-care: Mindfulness, meditation, and mental health
  4. Empathy and gratitude: Meaningfulness at work and in personal life
  5. Work-life balance, time management and prioritization
  6. Giving and receiving feedback
  7. Managing complex patients and the consultation role
  8. Dealing with difficult events: Medical errors and shame
  9. Conflict resolution
  10. Financial health
  11. Communication and leadership skills
  12. Maintaining and building resilience
Additional Wellness Support
  • No overnight call
  • Balint groups
  • Resident wellness retreats
  • Free use of hospital gym and other gym membership discounts
  • Faculty mentors
  • Peer support program
  • Continuing medical education funds can be used on wellness programs.
  • Employee assistance program
  • Hospital yoga classes