Transfusion Options

If you remain anemic despite diet and other treatment measures, if you are acutely injured and experience significant blood loss, or if you have a chronic medical condition that cannot be effectively managed, your doctor may recommend blood transfusion(s).

  • Allogeneic blood, which comes from an anonymous donor, is available on an emergency basis. Blood components that may be given include: 

    • Red blood cells (RBCs)

    • Platelets

    • Plasma

    • Cryoprecipitate, which is a concentration of clotting factors taken from plasma

  • Autologous blood which is your own blood. There are two different ways in which your own blood may be used in a transfusion: 

    • Hemodilution is a technique whereby your blood is removed just before surgery and is replaced with intravenous fluids. Then, your own blood is returned to you after surgery.

    • Intraoperative autologous blood collection and reinfusion (Cell Saver or cell salvaging) occurs when blood you lose during surgery is collected, washed, filtered, and reinfused.