Northern Light Mercy Physical Therapy

Our Team

  • Alison Davis PT, COMT, CERT MDT
  • Kathy Elders, PT
  • Brenda Wolfe-Broberg, PTA
  • Cindy Rumsey, PTA
  • Donald Sargent, PT
  • Jim Lagrange, PT, GCS
  • Kaity Mahoney, PT, DPT
  • Michelle Sirois PT, CLT-LANA
  • Rick Hill, PT, DPT
  • Steve Lilley, MSPT
  • Taryn Everett, PT,DPT,CLT
  • Julie Wright OTR/L
  • Jennifer Obecny, PT, DPT
  • Stacey Hughes, OTR/L

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1364 Congress Street
Suite 3
Portland, ME 04102

Phone: 207-400-8530
Fax: 207-400-8569

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