Vendor Information

Vendors, contractors, and consultants doing business with Northern Light Health are expected to be informed about relevant Northern Light Health compliance policies and procedures. Individual Northern Light Health member organizations may supplement these policies and procedures.

Northern Light Health is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and complying with all federal and state laws and regulations not only in the delivery of our healthcare services, but in our interactions with employees, physicians, agents, members, payers, and the communities where we operate.
The Northern Light Health compliance program supports our healthcare operations and provides reasonable assurance that Northern Light Health:
  • Establishes, monitors, and supports high professional and ethical standards
  • Complies in all material respects with federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to our operations
  • Satisfies the conditions of participation in healthcare programs funded by the federal and state government
  • Promotes self-monitoring and provides for, in appropriate circumstances, voluntary disclosure of violations of laws and regulations
  • Reviews, investigates, and acts on allegations of violations and misconduct.

Northern Light Health Compliance Policies and Procedures