How Can I Pay My Bill?


Select from the following to pay your bill online.


Payment can be made at the registration desk at time of service, or any time after service.

By Phone

Please select your service facility from the dropdown. (For faster service, please call the number that appears on your statement.)

Northern Light Acadia Hospital

Call 833-774-1168

Northern Light AR Gould Hospital

Call 207-203-7987or toll free at 1-833-381-0350

Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital

Call 207-203-7987 or toll free at 1-833-381-0350

Northern Light CA Dean Hospital

Call 207-203-7987 or toll free at 1-833-381-0350

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center

Call 207-385-2773or toll free at 1-866-306-7633

Northern Light Inland Hospital

Call 207-313-5319

Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital

Call 207-412-4000 or toll free at 1-833-262-1600

Northern Light Mercy Hospital

Call 1-888-399-6171

Northern Light Mayo Hospital

Call 1-207-564-4301

Northern Light Sebasticook Valley Hospital

Call 207-203-7987 or toll free at 1-833-381-0350


By Mail

Send cashier’s check, personal check, money order, or credit/debit card information to the address for the Northern Light Health member that provided service shown below.

Please make check/money orders out to Northern Light Health and be sure to include information from the bill (e.g., account number, FIN, etc.) to ensure payment is posted to your account.

Acadia Healthcare
PO Box 23865
New York NY 10087

Acadia Hospital
PO Box 21439
New York, NY 10087

AR Gould
PO Box 21435
New York, NY 10087

Blue Hill
PO Box 21436
New York, NY 10087

CA Dean
PO Box 21438
New York, NY 10087

PO Box 21415
New York, NY 10087

PO Box 21442
New York, NY 10087

Maine Coast
PO Box 22619
New York, NY 10087

PO Box 21094
New York, NY 10087

PO Box 21437
New York, NY 10087

Still uncertain about your options or have questions about your bill?

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