Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for financial assistance if you meet the guidelines outlined in our financial assistance policy. Eligible patients must submit a completed financial assistance application, including all necessary documentation, such as verification of income, address, and assets.

Determination of Financial Assistance Eligibility: Generally, uninsured patients are eligible for financial assistance based on their family income level as noted in the criteria below.

100% Discount: Patients with a family income of 150% or less of the federal poverty income level are eligible for a discount of 100% of gross charges.

Partial Assistance: Patients with a family income of 250% or less of the federal poverty income level are eligible for significantly discounted care.

To qualify for financial assistance, all third-party payment sources must be exhausted. Our patient account representatives are here to help you learn more, they will ask whether you have insurance of any kind to help pay for your care. You may also be asked to show that insurance or a government program will not pay for your care.

Find Out if You are Eligible for Insurance Through the Affordable Care Act

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Information and Documents Regarding Our Financial Assistance Program

Find out if you are eligible for insurance through the affordable healthcare marketplace.

Below, you will find our Financial Assistance Policy, Application, as well as several helpful, related documents.

Amounts Generally Billed

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Application and Instructions for Financial Assistance

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Application Mailing Addresses


Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

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Northern Light Financial Assistance Policy

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