Need a Laugh?

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Have you ever noticed how a laugh gets you over the hump when meeting someone for the first time and you’re not entirely sure which way it’s going to go? A shared laugh facilitates something important. While no one knows precisely why we are built with a sense of humor, the actual results of laughing are better understood: it lowers stress hormones, lifts spirits, increases a sense of connection and eases pain. Laughing or smiling on the inside is all very functional in a very serious way.
If having a sense of humor and laughing makes life better for us, what about animals? I mean, that kangaroo is playing the air guitar, for Pete’s sake! For more evidence, check out 2023’s Comedy Wildlife Photo Award winners.
Also funny…how there’s always some kind of comedy at hand even on the dark days. Hope some of those animals make you smile. My personal favorite…the monkey with the tail ‘stache.  😊