"How I Hold It Together"

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

That’s the name of a little series the New York Times created featuring 6 or 7 things the staff members of their Well Newsletter do every day to hold it together. Each staffer’s list is presented clickable slide show-style, creating the added impression of movement, like we’re (bonus) getting to follow the person around as they do these things.
There are a number of things you might expect to see, like exercise, because these things are like super glue in holding us together.
And then there are some that branch off in more original-thinking ways like keeping a bird feeder by the home office window and making fantasy travel plans.
But then there was the staffer who gives 3 big worry bear hugs to her children when they’re upset. It takes the often unappreciated advice to, “Take 3 big breaths” one invaluable step further. Instead of trying to get your child to calm down by instructing them to breathe slowly, you get in there and help them breathe slow by hugging them as you take these 3 long, slow breaths together. The child’s breathing easily regulates to yours, plus they are getting the added comfort of touch and the safety of being wrapped up and literally held together. Talk about glue.
I see no reason whatsoever why this wouldn’t work at any age. Just choose your hug—ee wisely!