The Elements of Our Personal Wellbeing

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

As this word “wellbeing” has steadily crept into the cultural vocabulary over the past decade, it prompts us all to ponder our own and ponder it in a big and sweeping way, a way that considers so much more than our physical health. Who would have ever thought that loneliness was a contributing factor to health? That having a sense of meaning and purpose reinforced resilience? That stress could wear on our organs and that deciding how to spend our money could be a spiritual decision and that having a spiritual life in some form or another is an important contributor to health and longevity? That exercise was good for the brain and an effective complementary treatment for mental health?

This bigger and broader understanding of what actually factors into our overall sense of rightness with ourselves, our rightness of being, is like having a jumbo set of blocks to build with, blocks that are the very elements of our wellbeing. Having this bigger understanding of the components within us – all of us -- that seek fulfillment gives us such a solid and even pragmatic way to go about building our own wholeness when we know that it is in our nature to seek integrity in all our dimensions: our financial life, spiritual life, emotional life, relational and community life, purpose-driven life, environmental life, intellectual life, and work life.

Being whole and feeling well is fundamental to our being. It’s basic. It’s where it all begins and what allows for everything else. It’s why Northern Light’s new wellness program and platform is called Elements: it’s our dedicated space to build wellbeing as a community with activities and interactions fundamental to all of our dimensions. All employees and spouses are eligible. Sign up now.
To the whole of us,