Eat, pray, love, watch tv

A mini survival guide of tips & tricks for getting through a tough spot

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Watch favorite tv shows from your childhood. “Nostalgia transports us back to happy times. Knowing what happens in them makes life feel orderly, predictable and secure. I Love Lucy is what does it for me.”
  • Randi Fisher, Benefits Manager
Do jigsaw puzzles. “One little thing I do for myself is work on a jigsaw puzzle in the evening. One that is not too hard, so that I can see results. The order of the puzzle is soothing to me. And I know there is a solution, which is comforting.”
  • Joyce Caldwell, CHAA, Senior Financial Counselor, Insurance Verification
Maintain routine. “I plan to stick to my routine – exercise, sleep and watch what I eat. Wear my mask, get fresh air and sunshine on my skin. Take my vitamin D and keep on smiling!!”
  • Jessica Kelly, Clinical Research Nurse, Cancer Care of Maine
Curate your embers. “In a recent conversation one caregiver was lamenting the loss of interacting with her patients in the old way with no masks, no heavy weight of safety creating a barrier between them. Another caregiver pointed out that our past relationships are still there, they haven’t gone away. At any point we can bring those embers from the past forward with us. The good is never gone when the embers of it can be brought forward.”
  • Sheila Thibodeau, Director, Workforce-EAP
Bake. “Cooking is my way of ordering the universe and satisfying something in me at the same time. It never stops amazing me that I can take flour, water, yeast and salt and turn it into bread. These Bus Stop Breakfast Cookies are also good for an afternoon snack.”
  • Elizabeth Clayton, Wellness Specialist, Total Health
If you’ve got a good survival tip or trick let me know! I’ll add it to the guide.

I’m on vacation next week so no Wellness Wednesday on the 15th. Take care out there,