Shake It Off

Stress relief at your fingertips

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

It’s stating the obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: stress is seriously endangering our physical health and mind state. We simply have to find tactics to manage our stress response in the moment because we can’t save it all up for the end of the day. By then we’ll have been marinating in the stress hormones long enough to turn a good steak to mush. And we will have suffered.
Dr. Astrid Andreescu, an oncologist at Northern Light Cancer Care of Maine, saw how harmful stress was to her patients and also recognized her own need to shake off the strain as it accumulated throughout the day. She researched techniques for managing stress so she could better be there for her patients, respond evenly to the ups and downs of the day and not go home wrecked. She has curated an extensive collection of them.
You have the opportunity to acquire 10 of these techniques in Total Health’s Q4 program developed in conjunction with Dr. Andreescu. “Five-Minute Stress Relief” is as simple and spare a program as the techniques themselves. Participants will attend one 45-minute Zoom class with Dr. Andreescu (live or recorded) and then take a short quiz. That’s all there is to it.
See the attached flyer for more information or sign up right now to take the class so you can learn the 10 techniques. They don’t take long to learn or long to do but they will last you a lifetime.