The simple pleasures of a song and a sauce

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

“On The Day We Are Together Again”  imagines stopping for a snack at the taco truck stand. Remembering those who are gone with a song. Passing the salt to people sitting at the same table. It’s a beautiful, almost haunting a capella anthem to this unimaginable human experience we have been sharing the world over, performed Zoom-style by the CBH Chorus.
Written by the singer Humbird and released on April 23, 2020, she performs it alone at home here with a very different though equally eerie, wistful feel.
And now, having tried every which way to connect that almost spookily beautiful “On The Day We Are Together Again” with the random recipe I’m about to share, I’ll just admit the only real connection is simply that I love the song and I love the recipe, a recipe I could also force into being green for St. Patrick’s Day. So now that the song is done, let’s talk about food! 
This cauliflower alfredo recipe is one of those scientific miracles that does the impossible: it takes a handful of non-indulgent ingredients and blends them up into something that tastes unbelievably indulgent. It left me shaking my head when I made it Sunday night. I immediately began plotting all the different dishes I could swap this sauce in for. I envisioned it as a gravy replacement in chicken pot pie. I imagined it over a hot turkey sandwich. And of course, I thought about how many different combinations of vegetables I could dump this over. I also wanted to eat a bowl of it just as it was.
And now, as a nod to St. Paddy’s Day, instead of sprinkling the bunch of green herbs on top at the end to finish the dish, throw them into the blender with the cauliflower at the pureeing stage. Voila. Green sauce.
Wishing you a pot o’ gold and all the joy your heart can hold,