Northern Light Specialty Pharmacy is a complete specialty pharmacy solution that provides personalized care for all of our patients living with chronic and complex and oftentimes rare health conditions.

Currently, our patient care team is composed of clinical pharmacists, nationally certified pharmacy technicians, prior authorization specialists, third party billing specialist to promote a patient centered pharmacy experience from start to finish.

We are committed to simplifying the complex process of obtaining these high-cost medications and providing them at the lowest cost possible to our patients.

Benefits of using Northern Light Pharmacy:
  • Refill reminders and MedSync
  • Pharmacy App to request refills and check your order status
  • Individualized patient care with pharmacist interaction
  • Financial assistance programs and coordination with your insurance
  • Convenient medication pick-up, mail or delivery options

Specialty Pharmacy

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Northern Light Pharmacy offers your patients information about available treatment options, disease state management, medication therapy management and provides dispensing and ancillary support services for their specialty medication used to treat their health conditions.

Our team will work diligently to secure financial coverage and assistance for all our patients. By providing prior authorization management services, promoting medication adherence with timely follow ups, and operating in a way that limits unnecessary medication refills, we manage patient care with financial responsibility.

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At Northern Light Pharmacy, our entire pharmacy team recognizes that while each patient is unique, the key for optimal therapeutic outcomes is the same - through medication appropriateness, compliance, and adherence. These are all addressed in our comprehensive individualized patient care plans created through consultation with disease-state experts in our own healthcare system - Northern Light Health.

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